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In August 1912, Hans Heysen purchased The Cedars which had been built as a colonial style villa in the 1870s.

In 1919, and also in the early 1920s, the Heysens renovated and updated their home.

It has changed very little since that time. The rooms are filled with the furniture, textiles, objects and personal items belonging to the Heysen family.

Visitors are welcome to join a guided tour of the main rooms, where the Federation era “Arts and Crafts” décor allow everyone to experience the lifestyle of another age.

photoframe1And of course there are opportunities to view many original works of art by Hans Heysen, Nora Heysen, and other artists that are represented in The Cedars collection.

Heysen – The Cedars

One of the nation’s historic and artistic treasures

A remarkable family home, preserving a priceless slice of South Australian history

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